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Complete range of Bic Lighters at wholesale, discounted price.

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From Cleaning supplies to Cooking pans, we have it all!

BIC Special Edition Tattoos Series Lighters

Assorted pack of 50 BIC Lighters in a Tray

BIC Special Edition Marble Series Lighters

Assorted pack of 50 BIC Lighters in a Tray

Automobile Care




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We keep large inventories of our product range to keep the prices competitive and ready availability of products.

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Buy in bulk and save big on our complete product range. From BIC lighters to blankets, we have it all for our customers.

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Our executives are happy to help you in placing your order and get the best for your money. We are just a call away.

Scorch Lighter

Premium Torch Premium Lighter

Wide Range of Lighters

Butane Refillable

Adjustable Flame

Safe and Easy to Use


Plain black blankets of variety of sizes.

Good quality fabric

Other color options are also available

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