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Bic Lighters
What are wholesale lighters? Well they are little gems of sales. By purchasing these little gems from Wholesale Maryland, you will have an item in your convenience store. Everyone needs a high quality lighter for around the house or in their pocket and these will get noticed. The disposable lighters, lighter bob marley, bic lighters, lighter bic min and oil lighters from Wholesale Maryland are wind proof, refillable and you can replace the wicks and flints in each unit making them usable for years to come.

Wholesale Lighters are terrific items to retail. They are wind proof, refillable and have replaceable wicks and flints. They're popular, attractive and when you shop here, incredibly affordable! Our lighters start as low as you wish. Each lighter is packaged in a convenient and nice looking, ready to use display box too. These lighters sell very well in most locations, gas stations, convenience stores, fairs and just about anywhere.

At Wholesale Maryland, we believe in this methodology. Retail sales can be hard, but having a great selection of quality products is the key. That is why we offer the selection of products that we do. But products are not the only thing that we offer you. Customer service and venue ideas are also in our forte.

Contact us today and let's discuss your plans and how we can get you the inventory that will sell in your retail establishment. We are here to help you 100% and have the knowhow to do it. Wholesale Maryland has been in business for over a decade and we have the expertise to help you. Visit us now and see how it is done.
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